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Live your wealth with no fear

Abbove provide a wealth owners and their family a place to centralize their wealth information and store their documents. It gives a better understanding, access and control on their wealth information to partner with their advisors to achieve their goals.

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By using Abbove, I obtained a global overview of my assets and got an idea of the value and costs of my inheritance. Thanks to this, I felt prepared to organise my financial future properly.

Hubert Van de Werve
End user of Abbove

Your benefits with Abbove as a wealth owner

Full Wealth Picture

Gain a precise understanding of your overall financial status including assets, liabilities, and more. Explore your wealth through intuitive charts and organigrams for a lucid overview and understanding of your wealth.

Effortless Control

Organize and centralize all your crucial information and documents in a secure location, ensuring easy and safe access. Keep control over your wealth information and retrieve it whenever needed.

Transparent Family Dialogue

Share your wealth details with trusted third parties and facilitate open conversations about your finances with your family. Communicate transparently with advisors and loved ones for better wealth management.

Future Ready

Collaborate with your trusted advisor to craft your estate plan, ensuring that you are on track to fulfill your financial objectives. Anticipate and address future wealth challenges confidently with the right information.

Key features for wealth owners

Balance sheet
Wealth cockpit

Offers a 360° view of the entire family wealth landscape on any device. It centralizes all assets, liabilities, and family information in one place. helps wealth owners to understand and visualize their wealth

Family Gift Equilibrium Tracker

Provides a comprehensive tracking system for all intra-family gifts and financial assistance. It not only documents past transactions but also updates their current value, enabling families to objectively balance gifts among family members.

Digital document vault

Store, access, organize, and securely share wealth-related documents via laptop or smartphone camera. Your digital vault ensures convenience and confidentiality for advisors, family, and trusted parties

Third party access management

Share your information with trusted contacts. Send them secure access and choose the type of access you grant them. They can simply consult the information or complete it alongside you. All activity is tracked so you're in the know.

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