Unify your ecosystem of data sources and tools

Tired of endlessly copy pasting data from different sources in complex Excel files? We get that. That’s why you can connect your other data sources to Abbove and automatically collect all your data in one place. The information can be continuously enriched trough the platform to keep an up-to-date wealth data you can rely on.

Abbove - Integrations

How does it work

There’s different ways to connect Abbove to your other data sources. Together we will define the solution that’s best adapted to your needs.

Abbove API

Thanks to our API, robust integrations can be made to have your information systems communicate automatically with Abbove.

File integration

File Integration Framework

With this custom technology, we allow any of your systems to automatically exchange data files with Abbove in a quick and effective way.

IMport and Export

File import & export

You can easily import and export external Excel files from and to Abbove to automatically update your clients' asset data on the platform.


Account aggregation

Your clients can easily connect their financial institutions to Abbove so you can rely on real-time account data at all times.

Why connecting all your data systems?

How it works

One tool with data from multiple systems

Managing data in different systems is difficult. And what is even more difficult is to build a global picture of your client's situation from all that scattered information. By connecting your systems and databases to Abbove, you’ll have at hand one tool that contains all data you need and offers this global picture in a second.


An always up-to-date information base

Of course, your client data are not static and your job isn’t done by simply collecting them. Your database has to be maintained and updated on a regular basis, which is a constant and time-consuming task. But why bother when Abbove can do it for you? By connecting your systems to our platform, you make sure all your client information is automatically updated from one system to another with minimal effort from your side.


A qualitative and reliable 360° view of your client’s situation

Whichever way you choose to connect your systems to our platform, you can be sure that your data will be updated automatically and, even more important, correctly. This way, you always have an accurate information base to rely your advice and solutions on.

Connected with the whole wealth management ecosystem

By connecting with multiple data sources, we are able to collect all your clients’ wealth data in one place to provide you with a global client picture.


Financial institutions

Connect the platform to over 300 financial institutions to facilitate the implementation of your client’s wealth information in the data inventories.



Connect the platform to public databases such as OpenCorporates to help you integrate efficiently all asset-related data of your clients.


Local databases and tools

Leverage our API and data management tools to build robust integrations between the platform and your own data systems.

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