Abbove on smartphone

Your wealth passport always at hand and up-to-date

Abbove, your family wealth information repository is now
accessible from your smartphone.

Mobile Interface diagram

Know your wealth to achieve your life goals.

your wealth

Access a clear picture of your global wealth situation: asset, liabilities, etc.

your data

Upload all documents related to you wealth into a secure digital-vault.

with trust

Partner with your trusted advisor to build your estate plan.

360° view on your wealth

Visualise your complete wealth: assets, liabilities, companies.

Enrich your data.

Connect your bank accounts.

Visualisation patrimoniale à 360°

Document management

Organise and store your documents in your digital vault.

Add documents in the blink of an eye with your phone.

Share secured and filtered access to your documents.

Gestion de documents simple

Secured third-party access management

Invite trusted third-parties to join your environment.

Configure their access: read-only, edit.

Track and record all activities performed.

Organisez vos documents patrimoniaux

The wealth information standard


Wealth advisors use abbove's wealth planning technology to engage


Families in Europe in their estate planning.

Use the mobile version alongside the other interfaces to manage your wealth even when you are on the move.

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How can I get my abbove account?

The abbove wealth passport is offered to you by your wealth advisor. Several types of advisors offer our services to their clients: family offices, accountants, asset managers, tax lawyers, financial advisors or private banks. Contact us for a list of advisors who can offer you this service.

Is the mobile version linked to the desktop version?

The mobile version of abbove is a simplified extension of the version accessible from your computer (desktop). This mobile version lives together with the desktop version. The two interfaces communicate with each other. If information changes in one place, it will change in the other.

Why use the mobile version of abbove?

The mobile version is designed to allow you to benefit from the advantages of the platform, such as easily adding documents with your smartphone camera when you're on the move. This mobile version will also allow you to enrich your wealth information in a simplified manner and communicate better with your advisor.

What is the difference between the mobile version and the desktop version?

The mobile version of abbove is a simplified version of the interface accessible from your computer. It is designed to give you quick and easy access to your asset information, to allow you to easily add documents to your digital safe via your smartphone's camera, and to make it easy to share information with the people you trust.

Why is my information safe?

The security level of the mobile version of abbove meets the same standards and banking requirements as the desktop version. Your data is fully encrypted both during transfer and at rest. Our company is ISO27001 certified and regularly undergoes penetration tests carried out by the best IT security companies.

Who can access my information?

Your information is accessible to you, your trusted advisor, and any other trusted person you designate. You will be able to choose the type of access you give them and will have a complete view of the activity related to your account (connexion, modification, addition, deletion of information, etc.).

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