For Wealth Advisors

For wealth advisors

Expand your client relationship beyond money

Abbove provides you with the means to understand your client's complete financial picture, to provide solutions that align with their unique aspirations, and to engage with them to win new business.

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“Abbove’s technology helps us to create peace of mind for our clients starting from a good understanding of their wealth. We can advise them across key moments of life when they need to make important decisions for their wealth, for their family situation, and for their life goals”

Georges Nedee
Member of the executive committee at Puilaetco Private Bank
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Your benefits with Abbove as a wealth advisor

Holistic Understanding

A comprehensive 360° view of wealth, family, and life goals allows for the delivery of customized solutions that align with each client's unique financial situation.

Deepen Relationships

Meaningful conversations about real wealth challenges foster trust and solidify the advisor's role as the primary expert for overall wealth strategy

Unlock Opportunities

Notifications about key financial events enable timely and proactive advice. The digital and family centric approach also paves the way for engagement with the next generation of clients.

Time Efficiency

Maximize the impact and value of the time spent collecting your client's wealth information with the power of Abbove's client interface wealth and data model.

Key features for wealth advisors

Balance sheet
Balance sheet

The Balance Sheet provides a comprehensive overview of the client's net worth. It aggregates all types of assets, debts, and liabilities to develop wealth strategies and recommendations based on the client's holistic wealth understanding.

Wealth structure chart

The Wealth Structure Chart helps clients understand and visualize their wealth by providing an interactive overview on their wealth structure. Navigate through each layer of the client's wealth structure to gain valuable insights.

Objectives and action plan

The Goals and Action Plan feature captures and formalizes client requests during discussions, transforming them into concrete objectives and action plans. By establishing a list of current and future goals, wealth advisors ensure that no opportunities are missed, providing continuous support to the client.

Alerts and notificaiotns
Alerts and Notifications

The wealth notification system alerts you about your next client's wealth and cash events, ensuring that you don't miss any opportunities to proactively discuss with the client and offer the best solutions.

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