Offer the right solutions at the right time

Detect interesting opportunities to optimize your clients' wealth with a suite of powerful advisory tools.

Ensure the best financial future

Monitor the evolution of your clients’ assets and define the actions that will steer their future in the right direction.

Create accurate financial scenarios in an automated way.

Simulate purchases, sales, gifts and inheritances and consider the impact on your clients' future wealth.

Observe the evolution of your clients' cash flows and detect where adjustments are needed.

Efficiently optimise inheritances (BE)

Discover how to optimize your clients’ inheritance, how best to distribute their assets among their heirs, and how to reduce taxes.

Have your clients’ inheritance tax calculated in an automated way.

Anticipate all possible scenarios by simulating changes in the personal and financial situation of your clients.

Simulate the successive deaths of your clients and partners and observe the impact of the scenarios on their inheritance.

Get a clear picture of the net inheritance that each of your clients’ heirs will receive, as well as the taxes they will have to pay.

Create customised wealth reports

Share your simulation results, calculations, balance sheets, advice, insights, etc. with your clients in comprehensive wealth reports.

Use pre-built content elements that are automatically populated with the right client data.

Create reusable report templates and personalize them further to the specific situation of each client.

Digitally share the report with your client through the platform or export it to PDF format.

Why use our planning tools to guide your clients' future?

Connected to your clients’ wealth data.

The advisory tools are directly connected to your clients’ data stocked in the inventories. This allows you to create accurate predictive simulations in a few seconds.

Almost no data manipulation required.
Since the simulations are automatically populated with your clients’ wealth data, you have to manipulate little to no data to observe the results of the financial calculations and forecasts.

Always up-to-date scenarios.
The simulations take into account the latest data of your clients, ensuring always accurate and up-to-date results.

Directly integratable into client reports.

You can easily share the results of the calculations with your clients in comprehensive and clear client reports.

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