Offer your clients continuous support

Continuously follow-up on your clients by monitoring the evolution of their assets and communicating with them on a regular basis.

Actively engage your clients in their wealth planning

Keep your wealth database up-to-date with the help of your clients and get in touch with them on a regular basis through a clear client interface.

Give your clients 24/7 digital access to their wealth information.

Mutualise your knowledge and complete your wealth database together.

Engage in regular contact and deepen your relationship of trust.

Regularly create wealth reports for your clients

Share your advice, insights, calculations, balance sheets, simulation results, ... with your clients in periodic wealth reports.

Complete your reports with the right content and client data in a few clicks.

Use report templates and personalise them to suit every client’s situation.

Brand your reports with your company logo and colours for a harmonised client experience.

Digitally share the report with your clients through the platform or export them to PDF format.

Collaborate with trusted third parties

Work together with trusted third parties, such as your clients' external advisors or family members, to complete your information base.

Give authorized third-parties 24/7 digital access to your clients’ wealth information.

Allow them to enrich your wealth database.

Control accesses at all times by allowing edits or limiting to read only.

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Build a 360° view on your clients' complete wealth situation with organised data inventories.

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Detect opportunities to offer your clients the right solutions with powerful wealth planning tools.

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Follow up

Offer a unique digital client experience and build a strong relationship of trust.

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