For Estate Experts

For estate experts

Scale and streamline your wealth planning offering

Abbove provides wealth planners and experts the information base and integrated tools they need to offer strategies and solutions to align client estate plans accordingly.

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“Abbove’s technology allows me to provide a better service to my clients and also tailor made advice. Our estate planners can use the tools as a base to discuss planning or successions solutions with our clients as they have a correct and professional overview of the current situation.”

Stijn Somers
Private Banker at Deutsche Bank Belgium

Unlocking Excellence for Estate Planners

Accurate Wealth Data

Utilize comprehensive, structured, and detailed wealth data to enhance the quality of wealth analysis, diagnostics, and recommendations. Accurate information is the cornerstone for effective estate planning.

Integrated Tools

Leverage integrated estate planning simulators and report builders, directly connected to client data. This standardization reduces errors, increases scalability, and enhances the client experience.

Improved Collaboration

Facilitate smoother teamwork with front-line wealth advisors through better-coordinated workflows and information management. A unified data source eases communication between all parties involved, including the client.

Time Efficiency

Streamline and scale estate planning processes without sacrificing the quality of advice or client experience. Maximize each participant's contribution, and easily update analyses as data evolves over time.

Key features for Estate Planners

Balance sheet
Patrimonial Passport

A comprehensive dashboard that centralizes all essential client data, from asset ownership structures to family information, serving as the foundational data source for precise estate planning advice.

Estate Planning tools

Directly linked to the Patrimonial Passport, these instruments auto-fill cash flow and succession simulators, enabling time-efficient, accurate scenario planning and elevating the user experience.

Objective and Action Plan

Allows estate planners to create and store standardized wealth goals and action plans, streamlining the client approach and enhancing both communication and perceived service value for the client.

Smart Reporting Builder

A rule-based system that auto-generates estate planning reports according to client-specific criteria, allowing estate planners to set rules and content for more personalized, accurate reporting.

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