Understand your clients' wealth inside out

More data, more insights, only one place: that’s what we stand for. Collect all your client data in structured inventories and always have the right information at hand.

Place your clients’ wealth data in its personal context

Broaden your client knowledge to a new extent by defining the personal context that structures and values their wealth.

Map all persons connected with your clients' wealth in clear tree structures.

Specify their marital context to correctly visualise and value their wealth according to the country-specific laws that apply.

Gather any kind of wealth information in structured inventories

Collect your clients’ wealth data in one place and develop a clear picture of their global wealth situation.

Inventory all assets

Inventory and detail all different assets that belong to your clients’ wealth. From real estate, companies, accounts, investments, life insurances and art to loans or debts: log their value, owners, cashflows and other asset-specific information.

Visualise wealth structures

Understand your clients’ entire wealth situation in the blink of an eye. An interactive structure chart automatically visualises your clients' complete wealth and simplifies the most complex ownership structures.

Identify and balance gifts

Build a documented inventory of all gifts your clients made in the past. Index each transaction and compare their current value for complete transparency between each family member.

Securely centralize documents

No more hours searching for the right documentation. Upload all documents related to your clients’ wealth into a secure digital vault. Share them with your clients, colleagues or other trusted parties.

Prepare your clients' future with clear goals and action plans

Offer your clients the future they desire by setting up realistic action plans.

Create a clear timeline of key moments foreseen in your clients' future.

Inventory their main life objectives.

Set-up action plans and monitor their progress closely.

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