PaxFamilia becomes Abbove.

We will from now on call our wealth planning platform and company Abbove. Discover why below!

A trip to the past

After four years of growth and success, it’s now time to go beyond the original idea of PaxFamilia.


We developed a digital patrimonial passport with and for 100 families to centralize and organize their wealth information in one place. We gave this solution the fitting name of PaxFamilia.

2018 - 2022

We transformed our solution into a wealth planning platform connecting families with their trusted advisors. A suite of advising tools was plugged into the patrimonial passport to help professionals offer their clients high-quality services.

2022 & beyond

After a successful banking case with BNP Paribas Fortis and an increasing demand of the private banking sector, we decided to adapt our platform to larger financial institutions. Next to bringing “pax familia” to their clients, these look to improve the way they work, collaborate with their colleagues and clients and scale their services.

We started looking for a name that could better describe this broader scope and ended the search when we came across Abbove.

Why Abbove?

We were a big fan of PaxFamilia, but Abbove better describes the new reality of our platform and company.

Our platform can be plugged into (above) advisors’ other wealth management processes and systems.

Successful wealth planning goes "above'' simple facts and figures and takes into account a family’s personal and emotional context, a vision that is strongly present on our platform.

One of our platform’s main characteristics is its ability to give advisors a global view, as if it were “from above”, of their clients’ complete wealth.

Why two Bs? Because we go above and beyond!

What does this change?

From now on, we will communicate under the name “Abbove” on our website, LinkedIn page, newsletters, etc.

The URL to our platform will change to for all our clients.

We will continue developing our platform to offer financial advisors and their clients a new wealth planning experience.

Different name, same success


Financial advisors offer their clients wealth planning assistance and advice with Abbove.


Families have access to Abbove via their advisors to access, monitor and manage their wealth data.

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