We open the way to collaborative wealth planning

Abbove unites advisors, clients, data and technology for a new wealth planning experience.

Our vision

Our goal is very simple: to empower advisors to bring peace and tranquility within families.

Too often, the assets of a family are a source of stress for its members. They feel like they are not in control of their assets, they don’t have a global overview of their belongings and they feel insecure about the organization of their inheritance.
In this context, Abbove wants to be a support on which advisors and their clients can comfortably rely to turn the assets from a source of stress into a source of development and peace.


Our mission

To achieve peace within families, wealth management has to go beyond assets and numbers. It’s the people and the way they relate to each other that matter.

That’s why we develop a collaborative wealth planning platform that connects everyone and everything related to a family’s wealth in one place: the trusted advisor, the family members, the wealth information and the technology that’s needed to best organize and prepare the wealth for the present and future.


Our values


We are devoted to the team. We play collectively and row in the same direction to achieve a common goal.


We don’t sit back but get the work done and are always looking ahead.


We take care of each other and are open and understanding towards everyone we encounter on our way.


We create a safe and welcoming environment to make everyone feel at home.

How it started

We asked 120 wealthy families what challenges they faced


Managing their assets was clearly a source of anxiety:

They had no clear overview of their global assets
Their important documents were dispersed everywhere
They felt overwhelmed in their asset follow-up
They worried about their inheritance

Together, we developed a solution

After countless exchanges with these families, we managed to create the solution they needed, a digital wealth passport, and named it PaxFamilia.

The word spread quickly to professionals


The families recommended the platform to their advisors who were interested in using it for others of their clients as well.

We adapted the platform to meet the needs of these professionals by connecting powerful advisory tools to the digital wealth passport. This way, PaxFamilia became one of the unique wealth planning tools used by both advisors and their clients.


PaxFamilia becomes Abbove

Thanks to a successful banking case with BNP Paribas Fortis, for whom we had been developing PaxFamilia for over four years, and an increasing demand from the private banking sector, we decided to adapt our platform to larger financial institutions.

To better describe this broadened scope, we changed the name of our platform from PaxFamilia to Abbove.

Who we are

Abbove is the result of a solid cooperation between its board members and dedicated team.

Board members

Guillaume Desclée
Guillaume Desclée
Gaëtane Meurant
Gaëtane Meurant
Board member
Guillaume de Monie
Guillaume de Monie
Board member
Valentine de Pret
Valentine de Pret
Board member
Stéphane Vermeire
Stéphane Vermeire
Board member
Benoît Frin
Benoît Frin
Board member
Guillaume van Rijckevorsel
Guillaume van Rijckevorsel
Board member

Country ambassadors

Frédéric Lucet
Frédéric Lucet
Ambassadeur France

Abbove in 4 points

Headquartered in Brussels

International solution

+1000 advisors

+32K families

Our dedicated team is there to help you!

Behind Abbove is a dynamic team that is committed to delivering the best possible solution for you.

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