Connect all your data systems

Connect your own data sources to the platform to automatically collect all your client data in one place.

Connected with the whole wealth management ecosystem

By connecting with multiple data sources, we are able to collect all your client's wealth data in one place to provide you with a global client picture.


Financial institutions

Connect the platform to over 300 financial institutions to facilitate the implementation of your client’s wealth information in the data inventories.



Connect the platform to public databases such as OpenCorporates to help you integrate efficiently all asset-related data of your clients.


Local databases and tools

Leverage our API and data management tools to build robust integrations between the platform and your own data systems.

Four ways to connect the platform
to your own data systems

Abbove API

Integrate all your information systems, tools and databases into our platform with our API.

File Integration Framework

With custom-built connections, we ensure that your systems and Abbove automatically exchange data files.

File import & export

Import and export external Excel files from and to Abbove to update your clients’ data automatically

Product page / integrations

Account aggregation

Allow your clients to connect with their financial institutions and access real-time data at all times.

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