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PaxFamilia closes fundraising with BNPPF and family de Pret

Stefanie Keymeulen
April 27, 2021

GuiSquare, the start-up behind the wealth planning platform PaxFamilia, has just completed a €1.4 million round of funding.

Led by Arnoud de Pret's family and BNPParibas Fortis, the company's longstanding shareholder, this round of financing gives the Brussels-based start-up the means to implement its vision for its digital platform PaxFamilia: to become the reference wealth planning platform for families and their advisors in Europe.

We launched PaxFamilia to market in 2018, and since then, more than 17,000 families in Europe have been using our solution through their advisors. With 21 team members, we managed to break even in 2020. Seeing what we have achieved in the last three years makes us very proud. This new fundraising will allow us to continue to invest in the development of our platform and to accelerate our growth by offering our functionalities to a wider spectrum of advisors in order to increase the convenience for our user families

explains Guillaume Desclée, CEO and co-founder of GuiSquare.

The founders of GuiSquare remain the main shareholders of the company, thereby safeguarding its entrepreneurial spirit and independence. In turn, the arrival of a family shareholder consolidates the company’s ambition to keep the needs and expectations of families at the center of developments of the PaxFamilia platform.

Wealth governance and transmission have always been of great interest to us, so we are delighted to join the 3 company founders and BNP Paribas Fortis in this project that revolutionizes the way families access their wealth data and interact with their advisors. We are convinced that PaxFamilia meets a real need for the digitalization of people’s wealth passports, which should become the norm in the future",

explains Valentine de Pret, new President of the Board ofGuiSquare.

Besides, the renewed confidence of BNPParibas Fortis as a committed shareholder and pioneering customer proves the solidity and reliability of the PaxFamilia solution.

BNP Paribas Fortis has been a shareholder of GuiSquare since 2018. On the one hand, we thus want to assist the management of GuiSquare to meet the highly regulated requirements of the banking sector. On the other hand, this partnership allows us to enrich the way of our clients towards digital wealth management

explains StéphaneVermeire, General Manager Private Banking & Wealth Management at BNPParibas Fortis. "Thanks to its dynamic, flexible and secure tools,PaxFamilia meets our needs in wealth planning. By supporting GuiSquare in its growth, BNP Paribas Fortis guarantees a sustainable future for PaxFamilia.

 The next step for PaxFamilia is to be deployed more extensively as a reference wealth planning interface for all financial advisors, such as banks, big four, family offices, asset managers, fiduciaries and other asset managers in the Benelux and France.

These prospects will be supported by new developments in the three service levels offered on the platform:

  • A more integrated and more secure client datamanagement;
  • The provision of a turnkey client interface;
  • A set of tools enabling advisors to offer personalised support to their clients.
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