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"Thanks to PaxFamilia, I now completely understand the organisation of my wealth.”

Stefanie Keymeulen
April 27, 2021

Hubert van de Werve is father of five and has been managing his own all-round company for over thirty years. In 2017, he first heard about PaxFamilia, which at the time was merely an idea of founders Guillaume Desclée and Guillaume de Monie who aspired to facilitate wealth management. Hubert decided to support the initiative and became, together with his wife Bernadette, one of the 120 founding families of PaxFamilia.

For months, Hubert and Bernadette shared their personal experiences and concerns about their wealth management and provided feedback on the first version of the platform. In this way, they helped putting PaxFamilia on the map. Three years later, Hubert is an avid user of the software. What he loves so much about it?

"By using PaxFamilia, I obtained for the first time a global overview of my assets. At the same time, the software encouraged me to start planning my inheritance. But the greatest strengths of PaxFamilia are its neutrality and independence. You can consult and modify your data as well as store your documents whenever and wherever you want, alone or with help of a financial advisor or notary."

explains Hubert.

Getting a complete overview of all your assets and making them easily traceable

For Hubert, PaxFamilia was not a new method of wealth management, but rather the beginning of it. Never before had Hubert been aware of the total value of his assets. Thanks to the software's comprehensive dashboard and structured asset inventory, he now completely understands the organisation of his wealth. But there is more.

"Not only did I become aware of my global wealth situation, but I was also encouraged to think about the future thanks to the succession function. With PaxFamilia, you get, among other things, a precise idea of the value and cost of your inheritance and how to best organise it. This allows you to evaluate and compare possible actions and to already take a number of measures today.”

Managing your wealth at your own pace, while feeling safe and secured

Hubert logs on to PaxFamilia according to his needs. This can vary from once a year to multiple times a week.

"The important thing is that I can always connect quickly and easily when I want to check or modify my data or add documents. The software allows you to work at your own pace, both during the installation of your account and while using the platform afterwards. »

Over the past three years, PaxFamilia has evolved strongly and numerous new functions have been launched. "The digital safe, the dashboard and the estate overview have proven to be particularly useful developments," adds Hubert, who experienced the entire evolution first hand.

"PaxFamilia is highly recommended as a wealth management platform. Right from the start, I had confidence in the company and in the security of my data. The fact that large banks such as BNP Paribas today show that same confidence is the best proof of the power of this software.”
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