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The PaxFamilia platform gets ISO 27001 certified and thus complies with the highest standards of data security.

Stefanie Keymeulen
The PaxFamilia platform gets ISO 27001 certified and thus complies with the highest standards of data security.

Brussels, 2022. At the beginning of 2022, GuiSquare, the company behind the wealth planning platform PaxFamilia, obtained the ISO 27001 certification.

By being awarded this certificate representing the highest standard of information security, the company demonstrates it is fully committed to safeguarding its users’ data in the best possible way.

GuiSquare obtained the ISO 27001 certificate after further developing its information security management system. The company implemented a comprehensive set of documentation and processes and had those reviewed in detailed internal and external audits. 

Data and trust at the core of PaxFamilia

With a rapidly growing customer base and increasingly large companies using PaxFamilia for their wealth management activities, obtaining the ISO 27001 certification was a logical step for GuiSquare. Moreover, the trust its users put in the platform was an equally important incentive to comply with the highest security standard.

“As PaxFamilia is a platform on which users store their wealth information, data and its security are at our very core. It is essential that our users have confidence in the platform and feel secure storing their sensitive information on it. Although this has always been one of our main concerns, with ISO 27001 we want to further reassure both advisors and their clients by showing them that we protect their data in the best possible way”, commented Guillaume de Monie, CTO and co-founder of PaxFamilia.

A continuous process involving the whole team

Despite the many requirements and the small team, the company achieved the accreditation in record time. Gorka Popoff Sanz, Legal and Compliance Officer and ISO coordinator, managed the whole process from beginning to end.

“We started the process in the first quarter of 2021 and managed to obtain the certification at the end of the same year. We brought on board an expert in the field, because we wanted our documentation to represent PaxFamilia and help us achieve more. Implementing ISO 27001 requires the whole company to be actively involved in maintaining the standard, it keeps everyone accountable.”

Read more about PaxFamilia's security measures on this page.

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