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Inside Abbove: A Chat with Our Newly Promoted CPO and CTO, Gabrielle and Laurens

Guillaume Desclée
Inside Abbove: A Chat with Our Newly Promoted CPO and CTO, Gabrielle and Laurens

In the dynamic world of tech startups, the journey of growth and innovation never stops. At Abbove, this journey is only possible by a team who not only dream big but also put in the hard work to turn those dreams into reality. Recently, Gabrielle and Laurens have been promoted to the roles of Chief Product Officer (CPO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), respectively. A CPO and a CTO are not too many to continue the work initiated by Guillaume de Monie, the former CTO who brought to life beautiful projects alongside me.

I sat down with our two new executive committee members of Abbove to discuss their paths to these new roles, the lessons they've learned, and what they envision for the future of Abbove.

Congratulations, Gabrielle and Laurens, on your recent promotions! Can you share your story at Abbove and how you arrived at these new roles?

Gabrielle: Thank you, Guillaume! In 2017, I began my journey at Abbove through an internship with FriendsFamily, which evolved into the birth of PaxFamilia, now known as Abbove. For three years, I worked as a Customer Success Manager, allowing me to deeply understand our customers and their needs.

Transitioning to product development, I became a Product Owner, channeling customer feedback into tangible features.

Progressing further, I assumed the role of Vice President of Product and Operations, refining both our product and processes. Now, as Chief Product Officer, I'm excited to leverage my diverse experiences to drive our product innovation at Abbove.

Laurens: I joined Abbove in November 2022, coming from a background as a Senior Engineer. I was immediately given the autonomy to lead as a Tech Lead, focusing on upgrading our technological foundations. When Guillaume de Monie decided to pursue a new adventure, I was honored to step into the role of CTO.

What are some of the main lessons or experiences that have shaped your journey within Abbove?

Gabrielle: This adventure has driven me to be flexible and adaptable in a fast-paced startup environment, where being able to pivot and adjust quickly is crucial for success.

As I moved into leadership roles, I learned to be resourceful, facing challenges with creativity and innovation.

Laurens: For me, it's been about leadership. Being surrounded by leaders who allowed me the space to learn and have an impact was invaluable. It's about unfolding your wings and helping others to do the same.

What motivates you in your work at Abbove, and how do you plan to carry this forward in your new roles?

Gabrielle: I'm driven by the opportunity to make a meaningful impact through product innovation. I look forward to leading initiatives that leverage our team's diverse talents to elevate our product development further.

Laurens: I'm passionate about solving problems with elegance and simplicity. I aim to continue improving our technological stack and processes, ensuring we can scale internationally while keeping the essence of our app alive.

As you step into the future with Abbove, what specific goals or initiatives are you excited to pursue?

Gabrielle: I'm eager to refine our approach to product development, making it more aligned with our users' needs and engaging them more actively in our development process. It's about making our products more user-centric and responsive to the market.

Laurens: Scaling our technological stack to match our international ambitions is what excites me the most. I'm looking forward to making iterated improvements and ensuring our technology supports our growth every step of the way.

As Abbove continues to evolve, the insights and leadership of Gabrielle and Laurens are invaluable. Their shared vision for innovation, user-centric product development, and scalable technology promises to propel Abbove into its next chapter of success.

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