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Product Marketing Manager

Abbove is a leading wealth planning technology platform that aims to radically transform the way families relate to their wealth and interact with their trusted advisors.

Abbove’s platform empowers more than 1.000 wealth advisors to provide over 30.000 families across Europe with a new experience of wealth management that goes far beyond money. Abbove is transforming the private banking and wealth management industry, it is growing fast and it needs you to build up a sustainable future.

Your role as Product Marketing Manager (PMM)

The product marketing manager role at Abbove stands at the intersection of marketing, product management, and sales to ensure that the product and its new features resonate with our customers and meet our business goals.

As the Product Marketing Manager, you will in charge of the product promotion and will be showcasing the value of the product and its (new) features to both prospects and existing users.

Key Responsibilities

You will be responsible for the product global communication, including positioning the product, crafting product-feature messaging, driving demand, adoption, and engagement.

  1. Pre-Launch Activities:
    Defining product positioning and messaging across all communication touch-points.

    What It Means:
    As the lead for pre-launch activities, you'll craft the key messages that define the product's position in the market.

    Responsibilities Include:
    - Developing marketing collaterals for the product and its features, including brochures, website content, articles, and feature one-pagers.
    - Aligning messaging across all channels to create a cohesive and compelling narrative.
  2. Launch Activities:
    Coordinating the introduction of new features and updates to both prospects and existing users.

    What It Means:
    You'll orchestrate the launch of new features or updates, ensuring seamless coordination and communication.

    Responsibilities Include:
    - Internal Coordination: Organizing alignment with internal teams through training and documentation.
    - Public Announcements: Creating marketing materials, press releases, and updating website and product pages.
    - Client Communication: Hosting webinars, sending newsletters, leveraging in-app notifications, and other channels to keep customers informed about updates.
  3. Post-Launch Activities:
    Driving demand, adoption, retention, and account expansion.

    What It Means:
    Your focus post-launch will be on encouraging active utilization and loyalty among customers.

    Responsibilities Include:
    - Providing training and support to facilitate integration into daily routines.
    - Developing user guides, FAQs, learning resources, case studies, and gathering client testimonials to reinforce trust and engagement.
  4. User Onboarding:
    Guiding new users to success.

    What It Means:
    You'll guide new users through their initial journey with the platform, helping them understand its value and how to use it effectively.

    Responsibilities Include:
    - Crafting a welcoming experience through personalized emails and introductions.
    - Designing and managing a digital onboarding process that includes tutorials, in-app guided tours, a knowledge center, FAQs, and continuous support.
  5. App-testing:
    Testing, validating and documenting the app new releases and features.

    What It Means:
    Every week, you'll immerse yourself in the app, testing new features and releases. This hands-on approach ensures you fully understand all aspects of the platform, providing you with essential knowledge as a Product Marketing Manager.

    Responsibilities Include:
    - Engaged Testing: Dedicate ½ day per week to navigate through the app, following specific flows, and identifying/reporting potential bugs.
    - Knowledge Documentation: Transform your understanding of new releases into user-friendly guides and articles for our knowledge base.

Skills you should have

Working in a scale up environment requires a high-level of professionalism, proactivity and autonomy. We work as a team and everyone can rely on other’s work. If you want to better understand our work environment and culture, have a look a our culture book.

Here are a few hints about the skills that would help you in doing your job as Product Marketing Manager.

  • Years of experience in this role or in the industry.
  • Ability to listen, communicate, understand and prioritise your work
  • Excellent copy writing and verbal communication skills
  • Mastering languages: English, Dutch and French.
  • Ability to use website builders and CMS: we use Webflow as a content manager
  • Ability to use CRM platform: we use Hubsport to track content and communicate with clients via forms, newsletter and mailing lists.
  • Ability to use knowledge base platform: We use Freshdesk to communicate with our client about new features (articles) and the ticketing system.
  • Ability to use Learning Management Software: We start to use Adobe Learning Manager to fully digitize our onboarding process.
  • Ability to use webinar tools: We use Zoom to organize our client webinars.
  • Ability to use design/video editing software: Even though we have internal designers and external providers that help us on designing our content and video it would help you to be able to use the softfware.

Having a strong interest the industry (technology, private-banking, wealth management, estate planning or other financial topics) will definitely help you to better understand the product fundamentals.

Performance metrics

The main key metrics that will measure your success is the user engagement rate: percentage of users connecting and using the platform.

What we offer

  • A full-time position with responsibility in which there’s room for your own creativity and initiatives.
  • The opportunity to grow with the company and to develop your role accordingly over time.
  • The chance to join a small, young, and talented team that’s not afraid of a bit of fun.
  • An attractive salary package.
  • An energetic, social, and flexible environment with the opportunity to work at our office in Brussels combined with some days of home working

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